If you are interested in becoming a professional HGV driver, there is a good chance you have been considering some¬† CPC training in Hampshire and might have even done some research about what steps you need to take to obtain your HGV driver training licence. If you’ve done this, you already know there is a lot to learn, and most importantly, the number of different tests that you must pass prior to getting your Class 2 licence or Driver CPC. While there are many sections involved, essentially the testing is split into 2 main parts – practical and theory. We have discussed the theory part quite a bit in the past, so in this article, we want to share some of our best tips with you to help you pass the practical test.

Brush Up on All the Basics

We understand that there are many things to remember about driving an HGV, and even more when you are attempting to pass your licence test. Over the course of your training, all of the basics will be taught to you from scratch – and these fundamentals will be drilled into you to the extent that they become second nature. However, like anything that has become second nature, we tend to get lazy. Therefore, it is definitely worth it to brush up on the basics, such as adjusting your mirrors and checking the controls before driving. These may be small things but definitely can make a major impression on your tester.

Get Plenty of Rest

Nobody is able to perform at their very best when they are agitated, tired, or hungry. Your physical health and mental health are equally important leading up to your HGV driver test, so you need to ensure you take good care of yourself. Try to keep up with your exercise regimen and healthy diet so that you are at your peak physical health. Try to get in a couple of good nights’ sleep right before you test as well so that you are ready to go and fully refreshed.

Dress Comfortably

The key to passing a test – and a driving one in particular – is being comfortable. If uncomfortable clothes distract you, you won’t perform at your very best. During your training, they will have taught you all kinds of things including what is appropriate to wear when you are driving. That is why you should wear for our test. Your tester will not mind, as long as your clothes are comfortable and clean.

Eliminate Distractions

Distractions can be deadly out on the road – and when you are attempting to focus on your test, you definitely don’t want them around. Turn off your phone and leave it and other distracting items behind. That way you will be able to stay focused on your test and put forward your best effort.

The Key is Preparation

Your HGV driver licence test, like most things in life, will be a lot easier if you are fully prepared. Therefore, get in as much practice driving time as possible, read up on all the information you need in order to pass, and review the Highway Code. Get familiar with what you are going to be asked to do, and also take a couple of trips around the testing area so that you will know what you can expect. If you are prepared, you won’t be as nervous and are much more likely to be successful.

Practice Your Moves

The final thing is to practice all those tricky manoeuvres as much as possible. By now, all of your training on them will have been completely drummed into you, but you should still practice until you are totally confident. You are going to be tested on parking, accelerating, and reversing, so make sure to practice doing those things in all different environments so that you will be able to perform at your very best.

We don’t just make the assumption that you know all of those things here at The HGV Training Centre. We instead work very closely with you to make sure that you feel fully prepared for both your practical and theory tests. To learn more, contact our team today.